We deliver

high-sense and

high-quality products around the world. 



We lay in a stock of quality products from overseas at a fair price through our own route
At domestic and overseas partner factories,  our original goods have been developed 

PHILO Smart backpack

Smart backpack from Italy
​Excellent design acknowledged
by MOMA and Brooklyn Museum in New York


Stick anything, anywhere
Wash and use many times 

万能ジェルパッド ココピタ

Stick anything, anywhere
Wash and use many times 

Laser pointer without battery 

USB battery charge and no need to replace a battery
Easy to perform page feeding for PDF

Dr. AirCell

Cushioning convection aircell that acquired utility model reduces body pressure

BG Berlin Metrobag

Smart backpack from Germany
Equipped with anti-crime functions
such as skimming prevention devices
Super lightweight as light as 2.5 apples

Smile series

Camera goods brand from Spain
Popular among girls who like cameras